World Coffee Summit &

Exhibition London 2024

Leveraging Scalable Technology

Towards A Net Positive Economy

16-17 October 2024










With the looming implementation of the EUDR and CSDDD, the global coffee industry is faced with regulatory compliance that will have a dramatic impact on businesses. Against the backdrop of rising costs, climate change and sustainability issues, this business event will tackle and flesh out how to navigate its complexities and find collaborative and regenerative solutions for the future of coffee and other related commodities.

This must-attend business event will deep dive into the role of sustainable supply chain and innovation to secure transparency and traceability from farm to cup. Transforming from conventional agriculture to regenerative will require some collaboration, a global climate roadmap, incentives, government grants and private funding to be climate positive, scalable, and operational. Our panels and global high-level speakers will explore the adoption of Regenerative Agriculture best practices within the carbon credits framework and how ESG and Impact Investing will finance this transition.


This one-day high-level business conference will bring together Governments, Public Institutions, Financial Institutions, Global Investors, Technology Providers, Coffee Farmers, Cooperatives, Roasters and Importers, global brands, NGOs and civil societies to identify the main areas of collaboration, exploring innovative technology and regenerative solutions to face the challenges of regulatory compliance and climate change.
  • Navigating complexities of Regulatory Compliance in deforestation and Supply chain reporting

    Our panel of experts and global speakers will examine and assess the impact of the EU due diligence legislation in the light of Climate change. Discussions will also pivot around EUDR(Deforestation), promoting carbon capture and sequestration within the framework of carbon credits infrastructure.There will be discussions around risk mitigation, financial opportunities in ESG and Impact Investing to fund innovative supply chain transformation and solutions that is scalable and more resilient.

  • Continuing engagement with Governments and the role of Innovation

    How to ensure that engagement from companies and governments on empowering stakeholders through technology and science-based approach in enforcing forest governance on forest-coffee frontier, and that an industry-wide commitment to zero-deforestation is upheld.

  • Responsible sourcing and fair coffee price

    How coffee brands and traders across the globe are likely to feel pressure from customers, the media and their respective regulators and governments to take responsibility for their actions as a business. But what are the cost implications?

  • Nature-led Solutions to mitigate climate change

    Deep diving into insights and best practices beyond compliance that can enhance biodiversity and improve soil health to drive sustainable coffee farming.

  • The Future of Collaboration

    The role of coffee industry leaders in driving sustainable agriculture by supporting “living income principle”, incentivizing women and the young generation of farmers and ensuring that regeneration is at the heart of a future sustainability strategy.



8:00 am
Registration and Coffee (Abbey Hall)
9:00 am
Welcome Address from Summit Chair

Anthony Hobley, Senior Strategic Advisor, Inevitable Policy Response; Former Executive Fellow, World Economic Forum (WEF)

9:10 am
Welcome Keynote

The Rt. Hon John Gummer, Lord Deben, Former Chairman, UK Climate Change Committee (The CCC)

9:20 am
Summit Keynote

Dr. Qu Dongyu, Director-General, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

9:30 am
Opening Remarks

Dr. Leonard Mizzi, Head of Unit, INTPA, European Commission (EC)

9:40 am
Q & A
9:50 am
Global Coffee Leader Keynote

Vanusia Nogueira, Executive Director, International Coffee Organization (ICO)

10:00 am
Inspirational Speech

Professor Mark Maslin, Earth System Science, University College London (UCL); Natural History Museum of Denmark

10:15 am
Government Keynote

H.E. Hajime Hayashi, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

10:25 am
Government Keynote

H.E. Mrs. Carmen María Gallardo, Ambassador from the Republic of El Salvador to the United Kingdom

10:35 am
Networking Coffee Break
11:05 am
Farmer’s Journey – Fireside

Shooka Bidarian, Environmental Correspondent, Manoto TV

Dejene Dadi Dika, General Manager, Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperatives Union (OCFCU), Ethiopia

11:15 am
Q & A
11:25 am
Global Solution Keynote

Clive de Ruig, President, ICE Benchmark Administration

11:35 am
PANEL ONE: “Towards Climate-Positive Regenerative Solutions to Achieve Net Zero.
  • How do the recent EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD) and EUDR impact agriculture and specifically the coffee industry?
  • How can we avoid reputational damage in terms of deforestation claims?
  • How do we ensure that our data sets are reliable and trustable in sustainable and ethical sourcing from the coffee origin and forecasting the future?


Nigel Hunt, Global Soft Commodities Correspondent, Thomson Reuters


  • Paul Rooke, Executive Director, British Coffee Association (BCA)
  • Gert van der Bijl, Senior EU Policy Advisor, Solidaridad
  • Dr. Martina Bozzola, Senior Advisor Sustainability and Livelihood, International Trade Centre (UN/WTO)
  • Thomas Vaassen, Co-founder and CEO , Meridia
12:25 pm
Q & A
12:35 pm
Networking Lunch Break
1:45 pm

GOVERNMENT, INVESTMENT AND INNOVATION ROUNDTABLE: “Towards a more collaborative approach to building an innovative and sustainable investment framework to protect natural resources

  • How do you balance economic and ecological well-being which has emerged as a critical concern for governments worldwide?
  • How does innovation spur investments that will lead to a more sustainable and transparent supply chain to promote ethical sourcing?
  • How do governments of the global north share their innovative technologies to the developing nations in the global south to adopt relevant policies in making efficient use of their natural resources?

Anthony Hobley, Senior Strategic Advisor, Inevitable Policy Response; Former Executive Fellow, World Economic Forum (WEF)-Summit Chair (Moderator)


  • Baroness Sandy Verma, Member UK House of Lords, Former Minister for Energy & Climate Change and International Development
  • H.E. Teferi Melesse Desta, Ethiopian Ambassador to the United Kingdom
  • H.E. Markus Leitner, Ambassador of Switzerland to the United Kingdom
  • Juan Cabrera, Vice Chair; Vice President for the UK; Business Consultant, IoD Natural Resources Group; Government Blockchain Association (GBA); WBAF
2:45 pm
Q & A
2:55 pm
Government Keynote

H.E. Mr Manoah Esipisu, High Commissioner of the Republic of Kenya to the United Kingdom

3:05 pm
Government Keynote

H.E. Guisell Morales-Echaverry, Ambassador of the Republic of Nicaragua to the United Kingdom

3:15 pm
Networking Coffee Break
3:45 pm
Risk and Finance Industry Keynote

Jo Paisley, President, GARP Risk Institute (GRI)

3:55 pm
Founder's Journey - Fireside

Shooka Bidarian, Environmental Correspondent, Manoto TV

Abdelrahman Fathalla, Founder, Guillam Coffee House

4:05 pm
Q & A
4:15 PM
  • Impacts of Blended Investing: Accessing global coffee finance in a changing power asymmetry.
  • Does linking ethical investing with the certification of coffee enhance credit outcomes for small farmers?
  • The question of scalability and affordability of financing platforms. Unlocking the Impact investing potential.
  • How do we finance the transition from conventional to regenerative?


William Kennedy, Senior Executive Editor, Bloomberg


  • Melissa Duncan, Executive Director, Fairtrade International
  • Anna R Rios, Climate Change Senior Specialist, Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)
  • Cedric Lombard, Founder and Co-CEO, Impact Finance
  • Katherine Stodulka, Partner, Director;, Blended Finance, Systemiq
5:15 pm
Q & A
5:25 pm
Turkish Coffee Culture Keynote

Alp Somyurek, UK Representative, Turkish Coffee Culture and Research Association

5:30 pm

Dr. Alvaro Lario, President, International Fund of Agricultural Development (IFAD)

5:40 pm

Joseph de Villiers, CEO and Founder, World Coffee Alliance (WCA)

5:45 pm
Networking Drinks (Abbey Hall)


Gain valuable insights from global industry leaders, top Thought leaders, governments and leading EU policy and funding practitioners who are shaping the future of coffee and related commodities.
Connect Coffee, Innovation and Climate Finance towards sustainability beyond compliance.
Debate and discuss the latest EUDR, exploring opportunities in Carbon Credits, ESG/ Impact Investing and Innovation.
Connect and get engaged with your cross-sector peers to share best practices and explore future of collaboration and broaden your contact list.
Real buyers meeting real coffee farmers and cooperatives from countries of origin doing real business and sharing their stories.


Summit: St. James's Hall

Exhibition: Westminster Hall

QEII Centre

Broad Sanctuary


London SW1P 3EE

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World Coffee Exhibition London 2023

13th September 2023

Queen Elizabeth ll Centre, Westminster Hall


Welcome to the world of rustic flavors and sensient aroma of coffee origin. From the historic forests of the Ethiopian plateau to the far-flung South American mountains and African horn, witness each participant, showcasing and sharing their sumptuous profile of luxurious taste and of out of this world experience. The overpowering notes of nuts, caramel with honey-like sweetness of coffee with mild body and acidity will bring one’s senses to a standstill – in an ecstatic fit, one feels as if there is no tomorrow. In this World Coffee Exhibition, once you joined the crowd of nosy cuppers and curious score crunching roasters, your life would never be the same again.

Join us celebrate coffee.

World Coffee Exhibition will be held at the Westminster Hall, adjacent to the conference, where around 15 Exhibitors from coffee origin countries will showcase their coffee and distribute coffee samples. There will also be two cupping sessions organised by an independent coffee lab and 2 panel discussions on the recent SCA cupping protocol and EU due diligence legislation. This is not a big trade show but a bespoke event where green coffee buyers, roasters and traders meet coffee farmers and producers (pre-qualified) to do business and celebrate coffee.


9:00 am
10:00 am - 11:00 am
Morning Cupping Session
3:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Afternoon Cupping Session
5:00 pm
Exhibition Ends

For exhibition queries please email

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